Lea Payne Scott, M.P.H.

Social & Behavioral Health Educator

Offering workshops, study groups & consultations for parents and educators to cultivate healthy, balanced children


Workshops. Study Groups. Consultations.

Working at the intersection of neuroscience, mindfulness, psychology and health promotion, Lea Payne Scott, M.P.H. uses a science-based approach to helping children, families and classrooms thrive.  Lea helps parents and educators build connections to children that create a robust neurological foundation for successful learning and lifelong physical, social and mental health.

The Approach

Mindful Parenting: Discover how to cultivate more patience when dealing with your children during challenging moments of your day. Learn how to become a more effective and connected parent.

Social & Emotional Intelligence: Learn simple brain-based tools to help children learn to handle emotions so that they are more considerate, balanced and healthy and create flourishing relationships with others.

Brain-Based Teaching: Implement practical, brain-based strategies for enhancing social and emotional learning skills that have been proven to help reduce children's stress, improve academic performance and strengthen concentration abilities.

Harmonic Relationships: Explore how to incorporate practicalbrain-based strategies to nurture your child's developing mind and create harmony in your family life or classroom.


Healthy, Balanced Child:  Integrate the most recent scientific findings into your parenting approach to help you raise children who become compassionate, responsible, creative and healthy young adults.

Listening & Guidance: Gain one-on-one support as you discover your own way to incorporate these ideas and strategies into your unique family or school culture.

WANT TO LEARN MORE?  Listen to an interview with Lea Payne Scott and Dr. Dan Siegel on Central Coast's KCBX public radio station.

About Lea


Lea Payne Scott, M.P.H. earned her Masters in Public Health from Yale University where she explored social and behavioral influences on health, health promotion and global health policy.  Lea has worked professionally with organizations at the local level in San Luis Obispo such as San Luis Coastal Adult School, Transitions-Mental Health Association, MINDBODY and Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School, and with international organizations such as United Nations Development Programme on global partnerships for health.  She studied interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory through Dr. Dan Siegel's Mindsight Institute and with Dr. Tina Bryson as a professional mentor.  Lea Payne Scott is a mother of three children who delight and inspire her and bring meaning to her work.